Black Tea - a secret for brighter, tighter and clearer skin. Did you know that

black tea can reduce expression wrinkles and fight pimples?  

Black tea contains loads of antioxidants, which fight free radicals. So make you a cup of black tea and apply the tea or the tea bag topically to your skin. It promotes radiance and a more even skin tone. Because of its antioxidant content, black tea helps prevents formation of fine lines and wrinkles on skin. 

Black tea is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Cold compress with black tea or the left over tea bag can help reduces eye bag and eye-puffiness. And is great for relief from bug bites and sunburns. Dip a black tea bag into cold water and place it on the bite or sunburned area. The tea extract will reduce itching and burning pain.

Also, black tea can be used as a antibacterial astringent. Regular application of black tea extract on your face helps to controls the out-break of pimples. And a warm tea bag on  your lips helps to plump them up and keep them moisturized.

Apart from local application, black tea consumption has some skin care benefits too. (But be careful, it contains a lot of caffeine.) It boosts immunity level and the antioxidant qualities helps to flushes toxins out of the body. Moderate consumption of black tea can help promote a healthy body and glowing skin tone.

Point of Caution

People allergic to tea, tannin, or caffeine should not indulge in consumption of black tea. Over-consumption of black tea may hamper sound sleep because of its caffeine content.

Overall, use of black tea for skin care is absolutely safe and organic. Besides using black tea products, drinking black tea regularly in moderation is the easiest way to enjoy advantage of its skin-nourishing qualities.


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